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What is unique about me as a visually impaired licensed massage therapist is I rely more on visceral feelings than my five senses. Many of my clients say I am intuitive or a healer. The truth is, if I had to explain what I do as a licensed massage therapist in a session, I really cannot. I can only say it’s as natural to me as breathing. My visceral instinct and experience are contributing factors to what my practice is today.

The idea of massage therapy was first introduced to me when my girlfriend said, you would make a great massage therapist. A few years later, my mentor also felt that it was an excellent career for me and was extremely disappointed with my initial decision not to become a massage therapist. These two people greatly influenced my decision to pursue a career as an LMT. I then started my journey at the Swedish Institute of Health Sciences.

My journey at the Institute did not go by without challenges. When I started, the Institute was not very accommodating for students with visual disabilities. However, I was fortunate enough to have a great mentor who ensured I had access to everything I needed to succeed. Many of my classmates saw those accommodations as having an advantage. They did not consider that as a visually impaired student, my learning process was different – I had to learn everything through memorization – class notes, reading assignments, exams, and homework. But overall, my experience was great.

Throughout my journey as an Integrative Massage Therapist, I’ve encountered many obstacles and challenges, but I genuinely love what I do in spite of those obstacles and challenges. So, I do not take anything for granted, and I celebrate all of my friendships, accomplishments, and victories.

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what people say about us

I’ve been going to E for years. Strong hands, a gentle demeanor, and the intuitive touch of a true healer.

E is an amazing massage therapist. He gets to all my deep knots and aches. I’ve been seeing him for 16 years.

I run six days a week and go to E for deep tissue massage. One hour with E makes me feel like I just took a full week of rest and I’m always faster and eager to run further the next day.


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