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Breathing Mindfully During Your Massage




If you find it difficult to relax and switch off due to stress during a massage, practicing mindful breathing may be the solution to help you. This technique involves focusing on your breath while lying on the massage table, paying attention to the rhythm of your inhales and exhales. This technique can anchor you in the present moment, reducing feelings of stress and anxiety and promoting a sense of calm and tranquility. As you enter this state of calm, your heart rate slows, blood pressure decreases, and stress hormones are reduced, providing relief to your muscles.

Mindful breathing also helps you stay focused and present, allowing you to fully enjoy the massage experience. This is especially helpful during deep tissue massages, which can involve some discomfort. By shifting your focus to your breath, you can minimize any discomfort and make the session more enjoyable. With practice, you may even find that you’re better able to handle pain in other areas of your life.


Getting a massage is a very intimate experience, which can be a daunting task for introverts and clients with anxiety. Even for the most upbeat extrovert, getting undressed and having a stranger touch your body is natural to experience some sort of distress. It is perfectly natural to feel what you are feeling. It requires a certain level of trust between you and your massage therapist. Deep mindful breathing, aromatherapy, soothing music, and candles in a dimly lit room, sets the environment to support you, and it’s a great way to divert your attention from feeling uneasy. Rest assured this technique during your session can be a fantastic coping strategy. You may even find yourself relaxed enough to engage in small talk and at best fall asleep!☺️

Whether it’s your first massage or your fifth, learning how to breathe mindfully can be supportive, allowing you to have a much more effective massage therapy treatment. At EM Wellness Massage, we offer a range of massage treatments and packages – why not head over to our site to book yours today?

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