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how does massage therapy reduce stress?

How does massage therapy reduce stress? The art of massage therapy has existed for many centuries, improving people’s mental and body well-being in all corners of the world. From Pharaohs to business executives, massage therapy acts as a pivotal part of stress relief and relaxation.

The therapeutic practices of advanced massage therapy aid in rehabilitating injuries, tranquility during pregnancy, and have many other benefits that soothe and relieve the mental and bodily stress gained from daily life.

Keep reading to discover how massage therapy serves an abundance of benefits for the body, especially when you’re dealing with signs of stress.

What exactly is massage therapy?

Massage therapy is a professional treatment designed to relax and revive the body through expert manipulation of your soft tissues and muscles. There are over 250 different massage therapy styles with various purposes, but the central goal that unites them is to unwind and rebalance the body.

Treatment is available for anyone, for any reason – including relaxation, sports recovery, or pain relief. The real advantage of visiting a professional massage therapist lies in understanding how the body handles stress and pressure, and how to work with your body to unwind and heal.

How does massage therapy reduce stress?

Stress is the body’s way of reacting to physical and emotional demands in life, such as work, health, and sporting activities. This anxiety manifests mentally and physically, which is why massage therapy is extremely effective and works to treat both.

When undergoing advanced massage therapy, the hands stimulating your muscles and soft tissues increase the body’s temperature. The manipulation of the skin encourages better blood circulation to help remove waste products from the body. This process stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system, promotes relaxation, alleviates tension, and improves mood. Stress levels reduce during the treatment, and the feeling of calmness and peace takes over.

In this way, massage therapy proves to be an effective treatment to help decrease stress in day-to-day life. Physical manipulation reduces anxiety by lowering the heart rate, relaxing muscles, and releasing endorphins into the bloodstream, helping you feel your best. With so many benefits, it’s a wonder more people aren’t blending massage therapy into their wellness routines. Are you?

Deep Tissue Massages

Deep tissue massage is a great option to help relieve tension from the deeper layers of tissue. Stress, injury, and even inactivity such as sitting at a desk all day will often cause a build-up of tension within muscles that restricts movement and causes pain.

A deep tissue massage is a perfect way to relieve this tension by stretching and working the muscle fibers and tissue. The deep tissue stress relief treatment relaxes and loosens these tight spots and will increase movement while also decreasing pain and stress.

Finding the right muscle to target results from years of training and experience, a point of pride for any massage therapist. Find yourself feeling tired and stressed after a busy working day? In that case, EM Wellness is happy to offer you an enjoyable and healthy solution to restore your balance again.

We go above and beyond for every client to ensure you feel renewed, refreshed, revitalized, and ready to face whatever comes next. Whether it’s a board meeting, big game, or even just a relaxed weekend at home, rest assured that you’re in great hands with us.

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