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Massage Therapy for Tight Muscles



How Massage Therapy relieves tight muscles

You know the feeling. You’ve just stood up from your desk after a long day or you’re winding down after a tough workout and bam! Tight muscles. Muscle tightness can be brought on by any number of activities, and the symptoms can range from reasonably painful to downright debilitating.

Muscle tightness can also be attributed to stress, so it’s important to find a treatment plan that addresses both body and mind. Deep tissue massage is one of the most effective (and holistic) treatments on the market, relieving muscle knots, tightness, and emotional stress from the very first session. Why not give it a try?


The Root of Muscle Pain

When you push your body too far (or too little!), your muscles can tighten up and become sore with little to no warning. This built-up tension manifests in knots that are sensitive to the touch and often contract involuntarily, causing painful muscle spasms and cramps.


Tight muscles after exercise are especially common, so regular massage therapy is a great way for people with active lifestyles to stay in tune with their bodies and keep on top of muscular pain. A licensed massage therapist can treat all forms of professional sports injuries, as well as chronic pain conditions and work-related stress. The benefits of massage therapy really are endless!

Alleviate stress and reduce pain

Emotional stress and muscle pain are inextricably linked, in that each one feeds into the other and vice versa. Failure to address both at the same time can stall your recovery and increase your risk of re-injury, so it’s important to adopt a two-pronged approach to see real long-term health benefits.


Deep tissue massage therapy digs deeper into the muscles to relieve stress and tension, releasing knots and improving overall flexibility and mobility. Firm pressure is applied to the layers of soft tissue to release trigger points, boosting elasticity and relieving tightness over time.


Why choose EM Wellness Massage?

At EM Wellness, I have more than 15 years of experience in the health and wellness industry, and I’ve helped many people feel like themselves again through specialist massage therapy. In my massage boutique, I apply deep, targeted pressure with strokes that are firm and slow – relaxing, reviving, and healing your body in as little as seventy minutes.


Whatever type of muscle pain you’re experiencing – regardless of the severity or location – deep tissue massage is the best first line of defense for anyone and everyone. Unlike pain meds, massage therapy gets down to the root of your muscle problems instead of simply masking the symptoms. Better yet, the process itself can be deeply relaxing and therapeutic for most people!


Considering incorporating deep tissue massage into your wellness routine? Email me today and say goodbye to muscle aches and pains for good!

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